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Career Development 

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P.S./I.S. 308 is giving our parents Career Development Sessions. 

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Click the link for Career Development Academy for Parents Workshop. 

Resume Development Workshop

This resume workshop provides detailed explanations, as well as step-by-step processes, for creating an effective resume. 

Career Exploration Workshop

Participants will learn about various occupations and their "fit" with their unique career preferences, e.g., the skills and values they want to be satisfied by their career choice.

Goal Setting Workshop

This workshop helps participants identify long term and short term with a focus on the SMART theory as it's foundation.

Healthier Lifestyle Workshop

This workshop is designed to develop a greater understanding of basic nutrition and body composition, look at what a healthy lifestyle means to you and discuss healthy diet and exercise tips

Self-Care Workshop

This workshop series introduces participants to self-care strategies with a focus on meditation. 

Technology Workshop

This workshop will include learning to navigate Google Classroom and Zoom to help participants aid children who participate in remote learning. 

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